Pastor John Murley

Senior Pastor


For the past nine years, John Murley has served as Senior Pastor at the Edmonton South Seventh-day Adventist Church.  Edmonton South is a church that reaches across cultural, ethnic and linguistic lines offering community programs such as help for troubled marriages, education, and training for financially stressed homes, grief recovery seminars, divorce care, Forgiveness Seminars and many other similar programs.

As an ordained minister of the Seventh-day Adventist Church for the past 22 years, Pastor Murley brings a breadth of experience and leadership to the cause of Christ. He served as Conference Youth Director and Evangelism Coordinator, as well as President of the Greater Edmonton Ministerial Association. He has served as the commercial radio ad voice for Amazing Facts in Canada and in addition, he has served for eight years as the speaker for the “Sounds of Worship” a radio show aired live weekly on VOAR Radio. He has been the recipient of the VOAR Clergy of the Year award six times, an award voted by the listeners of VOAR Radio a national radio station in Canada.

As a community leader, Pastor Murley was also called upon to work closely with the various police departments, assisting in Chaplain ministries and as a volunteer to Community Crime Prevention Committees. For 12 years, He also served the Government of Newfoundland, as a Child Welfare Social Worker and then as a Special Investigator. He has also worked as an Employment Development Officer and in Alcohol and Drug Education programs for kids and their families.

Pastor Murley, born and raised in Newfoundland, holds Bachelors degree in Theology from Union College, in Lincoln, Nebraska and a certificate in Police Sciences.

He is still madly in love with Marilyn, his wife of 29 years and their two children, Shane (28), and Ashton (24). He has one grandchild, Kate.

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